Michèle Dianne Bloch, Tales from a hummingbird

Udgivelsesdato: 09-03-2020


Ilse Kristensen - Cand. Psych.
Spec. Psychotherapy & Supervision
skriver om bogen:

“Your writings have such strength, no filters here. Blatantly intimate, naively told and pure, as in the brightest light.
You have managed to write about dramatic events – never ever dramatizing!
The drama and the pain are to be found in the text and the words themselves, the drama and the pain stand out, in all simplicity. This makes for a sharp and precise narrative.
No unnecessary words here but, painted in such a way that, the stage is set and I can see it all.”


Bogen er illustreret med forfatterens værker.


86 sider
Format 135x204
ISBN 978-87-7153-333-0


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